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LUTUNI PER SHQIPERINE - Blog - Nga Dag (via Peter)

Be Blessed

1 Sanctification. Chr 7:14 2 Double portion: The Firstborne's part / lot 3 Children: They are open for being harvested

1 Is the Key thing, that will open up other stuff, and "make" God move in many other areas / ways. Blessed are the pure of heart. They shal see God. Without sanctification, no one shall see God. God want to be "seen" among and by us here on earth. We sense the Holy Spirit has led us in prayer through some main areas in sanctification:

  • Daily total joyful surrender to God. Time w Him in the mornings. Hearing Him, getting guidance. Deeper in (knowing) Him.
  • Get rid of all unloving, prejudist, critical, comparing thoughts and talks. Become loving, upbuilding, approving, honoring in all we think and say.
  • Get rid of the hipocrite spirit (acting, pretending, religious, two-faced). Becoming true, honest, transparent, simpel-minded, open.
  • Material issues: Faitfulness in all areas of admin of finance and material belongings (givings, taxes, others' stuff, small, not worry, thankful, content...)

2 First in harvest of souls of any age group. In all of Albania as a whole. Is "for grab" for those who have fasted and not fasted. But it also relates to number of workers, anointing, power, giftings, material resources, fellowships planted etc. Will we be ablo to carry and care for this double portion / blessing? This depends on our walk w point nr 1.

3 Children were very open to God in the early -90-ies. Then there was a new move among children in -98-2002(?). Now: 2013-14 and onward a great number of tens of thousands of children are waiting to be harvested, even in many places workers have seen little / no fruit in years. The nets need to be cast though. Not a double blessing of chldr, but a manifold increase, if we are willing, prepared, and do our part. The next generation that will transform Albania. Let us gve them the Kingdom, not baby-food.


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